DeFi2 launches very soon!
Be in the next big thing from the start!

Time for Decentralized Finance 2.0. The next big thing is here: unlock the real power of the blockchain!

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Uses your dividend balance to buy more tokens at the current rate.

Withdraw your dividends balance back into your Ethereum wallet.

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The Most Powerful & Decentralized Exchange Yet

DEFI 2. The future!

Tired of half-baked copycat clones? Didn't have a chance to get in early? Now it's your chance! DeFi 2 is a high quality long lasting project here and now. Newer and better in so many ways.

Anti-Dump Protection!

On day 1 the sell fee is 85%, then it decreases by 2% every day until it gets down to 25% on day 30. Thus, if someone decides to dump on day 1, they will just leave 85% as a reward for the rest of the community!

Math and Dividends

15% of every buy and 25% of every sell is rewarded to existing token holders. This means when someone buys or sells DF2 you instantly get dividends off your holdings! The more tokens you hold, the bigger portion you get. On top of that, the more DF2 are bought out, the higher the token price. It's a double win-win!


100% open and secure! No exit scam, no way to prevent you from interacting with the smart contract. It's decentralization at its best. This contract will be there working and serving the players for as long as the Ethereum network lives (that is forever!). Sell back, withdraw the dividends, or convert them at any time!